Pratzon Art Restoration hosted Entryway Gallery's SMALL MONSTERS Exhibit (October 2013)

Fri, 08/30/2013 - 17:13 -- Jill Pratzon

In 2013, I invited 18 artist-illustrators to show me the monstrous side of themselves.

On October 3rd, Pratzon Art Restoration's Entryway Gallery revealed SMALL MONSTERS, a group show and sale of original art with a decidedly dark feel to it. Some of the artists responded with playful imagery, some with classic creatures and some... well... some are nearly indescribable... If you missed it, below is the promotional postcard. A late entry, Peter de Sève, contributed work as well.

During the opening, I asked three SMALL MONSTER artists (Peter Sis, Sergio Ruzzier and Steve Ross) to create an Exquisite Corpse drawing to be given away to a lucky visitor. If you aren't familiar with Exquisite Corpses, they are drawings or written work created by more than one person without the knowledge of what the previous creator has done. In this case, I folded a piece of paper in three, asked the first artist not to unfold it, but to draw a head on his third. When he finished, I exposed only the second third and handed it to the next artist, telling him to draw a torso. The third finished with the feet, and the creature was complete. This parlour trick dates back to the Surrealists, and is a lot of unpredictable fun.

The show may be over, but the memory of SMALL MONSTERS lives on. I was honored to show such inspired, monstrous works.